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The Purpose of Staging-

The purpose of staging a home when selling is to give each property a fresh, relevant and Buyer-attracting look in order to facilitate the quickest sale and achieve top value and the greatest return possible on the Seller’s real estate sale.

The way in which a home is presented to the potential Buyer’s determines the way the Buyer’s view its desirability and value, which ultimately generates the kind of offers that are made and how quickly they come in.

The majority of Buyers cannot see past a properties imperfections or weak points, or beyond the property’s future potential. By staging the home, it make it easy for the Buyer to visualize themselves living in the home by having a clean, organized model or interior designed feel to the home, as well as being in turnkey condition. Staging has a proven track record to excite and motivate Buyers and to sell homes at top prices.

My Staging Methods-

Based on the Seller’s goals, the desired investment return, the type of selling market, time frames, demographics, property location and updating needs, I am able to create a plan to bring a home to a “market ready” level. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, each home is visually assessed and provided with a recommended plan based on the Seller’s budget. This plan may include some, all or parts of the following types of changes: landscaping, painting, flooring, kitchen or bathroom updates, hardware, lighting fixtures, window cleaning, power washing, window treatments, minor repairs, decorative and environment-enhancing accessories & displays.

The home/property must be light, fresh, crisp, updated and attractive look, not dated, not overtly taste-specific with the end goal being that a Buyer’s response would be: “I could live here & I want to!”

The Importance-

The bottom line, the ultimate goal, is a greater return on investment for the Seller.

The Monetary Returns-

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average staging investments is 1%-3% of the homes’ asking price, which generates a return of 8%-10% when the home is sold.

There is a difference between updating, renovating and staging. I can, but generally do not do full renovations. This requires major overhauls, gutting an entire kitchen and installing new one, possibly re-doing the entire roof, building another bathroom, etc. My usual focus is updating, which is taking what exists, “the bones,” fixing and/or replacing essential elements and details to give the home a fresh, desirable, appealing look. Lastly, there is staging, which is bringing in elements and accessories of living, creating an atmosphere, focal points and displays to enhance the homes best features and to help the Buyers see themselves moving in.

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